About us


Tecnycom, licensee of the Tecnoflotas system, was founded in 2002 as an IT services company. Since then it has developed its activities in different fields, from the commercialisation and implementation of computer systems to management systems consultancy. During this period, Tecnycom has been characterised by its continuous development and adaptation to the new technologies that have emerged, always trying to be at the forefront through continuous training.

Since its foundation, Tecnycom has dedicated a large part of its human and economic resources to the research of new products and services, the result of which is Tecnoflotas, a fleet management and location system. Our main challenge is to achieve excellence in service to our customers, for this we have an R+D+i department, technical staff specialised in customer support and a network of installers with NATIONAL coverage.


Tecnoflotas and Geotab

In the last year, TECNOFLOTAS has completed its strategic alliance with GEOTAB, a world leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. Today, Geotab is one of the world’s largest telematics companies and has become the first to exceed two million connected vehicles organically.

Geotab promotes safety by connecting vehicles to the internet and provides customised reports to help users better manage their fleets. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace allow large and small companies to automate and digitise their processes by integrating their vehicle data.

Tecnoflotas is an authorised distributor and installer of GEOTAB devices and solutions in Albacete and throughout Spain.

GEOTAB - Fleet management