Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Solutions for
Electric Vehicles

Monitor the performance of your electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles through MyGeotab.

Solutions for heavy vehicles and buses

Solutions for Heavy
Vehicles and buses

Tecnoflotas is the platform you need to control and analyse all the information coming from the vehicles and drivers of your fleet. Discover the services and functions offered by the different modules.

Solutions for Light Vehicles

Solutions for
Light Vehicles

Improve productivity with GPS fleet tracking and manage any type of vehicle in real time.

Litx Surfsight camera

Security solutions:
Lytx Surfsight Cameras

Help your customers keep their drivers and vehicles safe, while streamlining daily operations and reducing costs with Lytx Surfsight™.

Cold Chain Control Solutions

Solutions for
Cold Chain Control

In a cold chain it is essential to be able to monitor the temperature of products during transport. With Tecnoflotas and Geotab you can monitor and regulate the temperature during transport to facilitate cold chain operations.

Geotab Keyless

Security solutions:
Geotab Keyless System

Save time and costs with Geotab Keyless, a solution that offers secure vehicle access for leasing and shared-use fleets, even in an area without mobile coverage.