Solutions for electric vehicles

Fleet management solutions for electric vehicles

Monitor the performance of your electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles through Tecnoflotas and MyGeotab.

Fleet management solutions for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle management

Fleet managers want to take the step towards electrification, but they still have doubts about the profitability and autonomy that this type of vehicle can provide them. For this reason, Tecnoflotas and Geotab offer electric vehicle solutions adapted to the needs of each fleet.

Compatible with the majority of electric vehicle models on the market

Geotab supports most makes and models of electric vehicles available on the market, including buses and heavy electric vehicles. Unlike conventional vehicles, electric vehicles do not follow the required telematics data standards, which makes accessing data a challenge.

At Tecnoflotas and Geotab, we work directly with manufacturers to develop unique capabilities that allow us to access electric vehicle data. This ensures that your vehicles have great data support, both today and in the future, as you decide to grow your electric vehicle fleet.

Work with Tecnoflotas and Geotab and manage your electric vehicles with total comfort and confidence, as we have the largest electric vehicle dataset on the market.

Fuel and energy consumption report for electric vehicles

Review both the fuel consumption and energy consumption of electric vehicles. This will provide answers to questions such as battery range and the performance of electric vehicles in the fleet compared to combustion vehicles.

This report provides information on battery usage, including whether battery usage is being maximised and identifying whether any plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are running on fuel alone.

Electric vehicle charging report

A complete charging history of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles shows you when and where the vehicles are being charged, how long the vehicles have been charging at a specific location and how much charge they received.

Use this report to get more detailed information on why electric vehicles have the current charging percentage.

Map functionality

Our platform includes real-time data on battery charge percentage and state of charge. Real-time battery charge percentage helps you identify which electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in your fleet have the highest (or lowest) battery charge so you can dispatch the closest electric vehicle with sufficient battery charge to perform the corresponding job.

The real-time charging status provides a view of which electric vehicles are actively charging at any given time.

Personalised notifications with electric vehicle data

  • Receive notifications when a vehicle’s battery reaches a critical level while on the road and needs to be charged.
  • Prioritise the order of charging according to the electric vehicles in the facilities with the lowest charge level.
  • Establish rules that set periods during which the vehicle should not be charged to avoid charging during electricity tariff peaks.
  • If an electric vehicle is charged during this time, a notification can be sent to the fleet manager.